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Quality work done at a fair price

Why choose Reilly's Mufflers?

  • We're experienced professionals and have been installing mufflers and exhaust systems on all types of vehicles since 1973

  • Custom exhaust systems installed

  • Stock and dual exhaust systems installed

  • Catalytic converter installation and replacements

  • Full exhaust system inspections

  • FREE estimates on all work



As always, all estimates for any car muffler, converter or tailpipe replacement are FREE. Call us today for more information.

"Great service. Honest mechanic. Great prices."

 - Elisha Lansdale

We offer a 2-year warranty on all mufflers and muffler parts and a 5-year warranty on all catalytic converters.


Don't wait to repair your car's bad muffler or catalytic converter. These are critical components that prevent toxic exhaust fumes from entering your vehicle's interior, as well as allowing it to run smoothly with maximum power and fuel efficiency. Stop by today for a FREE estimate and inspection for your vehicle's exhaust system.

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